Learning with WSE-Wall Street English Learning with WSE-Wall Street English

Learning with WSE

Wall Street English’s Multimethod® learning system along with a structured approach ensures you a fast and efficient learning experience. Do your part, online and in our center, and results are guaranteed.


Your very first class 1

Take an Orientation Class with your Study Advisor

Our Customer Service Assistant will welcome you to the center. An interview with your Study Advisor will be arranged to help you plan your learning experience.

Book your coming classes

You and your Study Advisor will together book your classes to suit your schedule.

Interview with your Course Consultant

After the Orientation Class you will meet with a Course Consultant for a follow up.

Your very first class-Wall Street English Your very first class-Wall Street English

New Student Seminar 2

Get to know the center and the WSE Multimethod® learning system

In a fun-filled activity, your Study Advisor and the Service Manager will introduce you to the center and the staff members that are there to support you.

Your online and offline learning tools

The Study Advisor will introduce you to your powerful online and In-Center learning materials.

New Student Seminar-Wall Street English New Student Seminar-Wall Street English

Start learning with the Digital Student Workbook 3

You are now ready to start studying anytime and anywhere, using a wide range of online learning materials.


Welcome to the English Corner 4

Improve your oral English rapidly by attending our English Corners. Express your ideas in English and learn about global cultures with the guidance of a Foreign Teacher.

English Corner-Wall Street English English Corner-Wall Street English

Your first Encounter Class 5

Meet your Foreign Teacher

Your Encounter Classes are your most important, and most engaging classes at WSE. Meet with your Foreign Teacher for a personalized class where you get to show what you have learned and receive helpful study advice on how to reach your goals.

Study Advisor interview

After your first Encounter Class your Study Advisor and Course Consultant will meet you to help you plan your following classes according to the teacher feedback.


Take a Complementary Class 6

Practice what you have learned and use your new skills in Complementary Classes with your Foreign Teacher and a small group of fellow learners.

Complementary Class-Wall Street English Complementary Class-Wall Street English

Join the Social Club 7

At WSE we believe learning should be fun. Our Social Clubs are a great way to gain further practice talking about useful topics, while making friends and gaining cultural exposure.


End of program review 8

At the end of your program you will once again meet with your Study Advisor and Course Consultant, all to make sure that you have had a pleasant learning journey!

Program Review-Wall Street English Program Review-Wall Street English