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FT Interviews: 

Our HR team is always looking for top quality teachers. In order to stand out in this competitive environment, we suggest that you bring authenticity to your interviews. Let us know about your motivations, your passions and what you can bring to the table. Tell us about your experience in the classroom and how you will use it to enrich our student's lives. Also, let us know about your eagerness to learn new skills implementing new methodologies.

During the interviews, a good tip would be to listen carefully to our recruiters and make sure to follow instructions and answer questions with detailed but concise information. Just as a good teacher would. 

Most importantly, show us how great it would be to work alongside you; because other than top talent, we are looking for people that will fit within our WSE family!

SA Interviews:

Our Study Advisors are a crucial part of our ecosystem. They are in contact with our students when they are most needed. They are there to clear up questions regarding the language, the system and overall study habits. This is why, during the interviews, our team is looking for individuals that are helpful, knowledgable and eager to help students improve their English. 

To increase your chances during your interview, let us know about your passion for teaching and helping other reach their goals. Talk about how you will be able to enrich the experience for students and show us your best customer service side. 

Also, we want to see individuals that are independent, adaptable, and a pleasure to work along side with. 

CC Interviews:  

Our Course Consultants are in charge of introducing the Wall Street English product to prospective students; they also take care of current students by making sure that they remain motivated and involved with WSE activities. Successful Course Consultants are self-motivated, multitasking, driven individuals that are good at identifying the needs and desires of our students. 

Show us your ability to identify pain points and address them with the right solutions; show us that you are a great team player capable of meeting individual targets while helping the team reach theirs. 

Overall, our Course Consultants need to have a thirst for knowledge and a genuine belief in our products and services.

Career Journey
  • Lucy Yuan's Career Journey
    Course Consultant I was so glad to work in a reputable company in the education field.
    Head CSA I really learned a lot about delegating and categorizing work in my first supervisor role.
    Teacher Recruitment Officer I love the people oriented culture, and I enjoy sharing and practicing my ideas !
  • Paul Keeley's Career Journey
    Foreign Teacher I enjoyed teaching English Corners and discussing cultural differences.
    Centre Service Manager I loved taking on a more responsible role that helped developed WSE .
    District Service Manager This post has attracted me to understand WSE more fully.
    VVIP Area Service Director Changing role in the workplace, it is a great experience.